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Treatment Pricing

Waxing For Her

Eyebrow Shape and Wax  $35

Chin or Lip  $25

Upper Lip $20

Nostril   $25

Essential Face Wax (Brows Lip and Chin)   $65

Full Face Wax   $100

Under Arm   $35

Half Arm    $45

Full Arm  $60

Stomach Line  $20

Bikini line  $35

Extended Bikini  $50

G String Wax $60

Brazilian   $75

Extended Brazilian $80

Lower Leg   $50

Upper Leg  $60

3/4 Leg  $65

Full leg   $75

Full Leg + Bikini Line  $100

Full Leg + Brazilian   $140

Waxing For Him

Eyebrow Wax $35

Ears $30

Nostril $25

Chest $75

Full Back $85

Full Leg $85

Lash & Brow Treatments

Eyebrow Tint  $30

Eyelash Tint  $35

Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint  $55

Ginkgo De-Stress Eye Treatment (20 mins)   $65

Eyelash Lift and Tint   $130

Henna Brow Tattoo or intense brows with Refectocil  $70

Anti-fatigue and Lifting Eye Treatment (20 mins)  $55

Body Treatments 

Aromatherapy Salt Back Scrub  $60


Relaxing Back Massage

30min   $80

60min  $150


Back Relaxation 

Salt back scrub + Back massage  - 45 min   $115

Dry Body Scrub and Body Mask  - 45min   $140

Media Pedi – Luxury Foot Treatment $110

Reclaim your baby feet! Removes callouses, corns, cracked heels and build up of rough dry skin.

Alkaline Hair Removal

Half Face $110

Full Face $135

Full Face and Neck $160

 Make Up

Student Formal   $100

Evening   $120

DMK Enzyme Therapy 

 LEVEL 1 $230

Introductory Enzyme Therapy with mild exfoliation


LEVEL 2 $260 

Enzyme Therapy + One Pre Treatment 


LEVEL 3 $290 

Enzyme Therapy + Two Pre Treatments 


LEVEL 4 $340

Enzyme Therapy + DMK Instant Lift

Cryo Pro-X Full Spectrum   $360

Lunch Time Peel  $180

Lunch Time Peel With Enzyme Therapy   $300


All advanced treatments require appropriate prescription home care and a thorough consultation before commencing treatment. 

Relaxing & Nourishing Facials

Express Mini Facial (30 minutes)  $100

Deep Cleansing Treatment (60 mins)  $150

Hydrating Facial (60 mins)  $150

Inner beauty Australia Bespoke Facial $160

DMK nourishing facial $180


The following facials are designed with specialty ampules and include the use of either a rubber or thermal mask to help the ingredients penetrate the skin even further. Your therapist will choose the most appropriate method on the day to maximise results. $170 - $220


Luminous “C & Sea – Plantomer 

Lacto-Flora Acid Peel 

Escotux Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Hydra-Cloud Intense Hydration Treatment

Finesse AHA Facial

DermaPen 4 & Medilux LED Treatments


Level 1 Full Face  $375

Level 2 Full Face with Medical strength peel  $400

Level 3 Full face with concentrated mesotherapy infusion  $430

Level 4 Full face with Uber Peel and mesotherapy  $460

Neck or Decollate  $275



This treatment involves 20 minutes under medical grade LED light, focusing on your face or your body.  We offer Blue, Green, Yellow, Red or Near Infrared. 


LED Light Therapy Only $100

Pre purchase Pack of 3 $80 each

Upgrade with any facial $50

DMK Express Bar 

 45 Minute Treatments

Brighten Up $170

Perfect antioxidant boost to bring back life into dull and lacklustre skin. You will leave feeling bright and bouncy.

Clear Up $170

Away with the unwanted congestion!

Clear out unwanted guests and boost your skin's natural hydration. This treatment will leave you feeling fresh, bright and ready to take on the day.


Fire & Ice  $190

Let our freeze & fracture formulation Cryo Pro-X Diffuse redness, improve vascular health and replenish hydration, leaving your skin plump and silky smooth. Perfect for all skin types.

Skin Boost $190

The perfect pick-me -up for your skin. The Skin Boost will plump up your skin and fast -track skin rejuvenation. (Not for first time clients, some peeling may occur. We recommend the DMK at home Enzyme Masque or a professional Enzyme lift off 3 days after).

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