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DMK Enzyme Therapy 

If you haven't heard about DMK Enzyme Therapy, we wouldn't be surprised if you scrolled passed this. But those who know, know it has a cult following for good reason. 


DMK therapy works from the inside out. It targets your lymphatic system to clear out stagnant lymph, encouraging fresh oxygenated blood to the tissue. The results are fresh, glowy skin you haven't seen in years.

We will assess your skin and recommend only what is necessary for you in your personalised consultation before we begin.


There are 4 levels of DMK Enzyme Therapy

Level 1 |  $230

Focuses on creating blood flow and nutrients to your cells and to kick start optimal function.


Level 2 |  $260  

Things get interesting as we target the reason you signed up for this in the first place… pigmentation, pimples, redness, blotchiness – whatever it is that makes you feel anything less than confident in your skin. A gentle peel is followed by one of two masks: An enzyme mask will target cellular functioning or a Greenzyme mask will work to tighten skin and muscles (it depends on your goals). 


Level 3 |  $290

This level kicks things up a notch to tackle big issues if you have them. They can be a little more intense so some down time may be needed afterwards, but not always. 


Level 4 |  $340

Calls in the big guns, involving a peel followed by the treatments in level 1, 2 and 3. Downtime to recover is usually required. 

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